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First Congregational Church of Sutton

To serve God by sharing the teaching, faith, love and forgiveness of Christ.

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Sunday Sermons

January 1, 2017  "Carol Sing"  Rev. Earl Henrichon

January 8, 2017  "We Have Seen His Star"  Rev. Earl Henrichon

January 15, 2017 "They Shared What They Knew"  Rev. Karen Haringa

January 22, 2017 "A Heart Changed, A Life Changed" Rev. Earl Henrichon

January 29, 2017 "The Transforming Power of Acceptance" Rev. Henrichon

March 5, 2017 The Victorious Cross Part 1 "The Problem"  Rev. Henrichon

March 12, 2017 The Victorious Cross Part 2 "The Cross and You" Rev. Henrichon
March 19, 2017 The Victorious Cross Part 3"The Exchange" Rev. Henrichon

March 26, 2017 The Victorious Cross Part 4 "The Planned Event" Rev. Henrichon

April 2, 2017 The Victorious Cross Part 5 "The Cross and the Crown" 
Rev. Henrichon

April 9, 2017 The Victorious Cross Part 6 "It Is Finished" Rev. Henrichon

April 16, 2017 "The Greatest Wager Ever Made"  Rev. Henrichon

April 23, 2017 "The Verdict, Please" Rev. Henrichon

April 30, 2017 "And Their Eyes Were Wide Open" Part 1 Rev. Henrichon

May 7, 2017 "And Their Eyes Were Wide Open" Part 2 Rev. Henrichon

May 14, 2017 "In Celebration of Mothers" Rev. Earl Henrichon

May 21, 2017 "Meditation on Worship"  Rev. Earl Henrichon

May 28, 2016 "Seated in Glory" Rev. Earl Henrichon

June 11, 2017 "The Promise of the Father"  Rev. Earl Henrichon

June 18, 2017 "The Best Father in the World" Rev. Earl Henrichon

June 25, 2017 "The Gospel on the Move" Rev. Earl Henrichon

July 2, 2017 "America's Christian Heritage" Rev. Earl Henrichon

July 9, 2017 "From Persecutor to Preacher" Rev Earl Henrichon

July 23, 2017 "Fuel For The Journey"  Rev. Earl Henrichon  

July 30, 2017 "Blessing/Curses" Thomas Rochon

August 6, 2017 "Created to Belong", part 1 of series Rev. Henrichon

August 13, 2017 "Adopted in Christ", part 2 of series  Rev. Henrichon

August 20, 2017 "The Summing up of all Things", part 3 of series Rev. Henrichon

August 27, 2017 "In Him", part 4 of series Rev. Henrichon

September 3, 2017 "Have you heard of the Holy Spirit" part 5 of series
     Rev. Henrichon

September 10, 2017 "What You See is What You Get"  Rev. Earl Henrichon

September 17, 2017 "Remedy for a Malady" Rev. Earl Henrichon

September 24, 2017 "Remedy for a Malady" Part 2 part 2 Rev. Earl Henrichon

October 1, 2017 "Removing the Rocks" Part 1 (Follow the Evidence)  Rev. Earl Henrichon

October 8, 2017 "Removing the Rocks" Part 2 (Follow the Evidence) Rev. Earl Henrichon

October 15, 2015 "Removing the Rocks" Part 3 (The Uniqueness of the Bible) Rev. Earl Henrichon

October 22, 2017 "Removing the Rocks" Part 4 (The Proof of Prophecy) Rev. Earl Henrichon

October 29, 2017 "Here I Stand"  Rev. Earl Henrichon

November 5, 2017  "Confessing Jesus is Lord"  Thomas Rochon, Deacon

November 12, 2017 "Removing the Rocks" Part 5 (Eyewitness Testimony) Rev. Earl Henrichon

November 19, 2017 "Thoughts on Thanksgiving" Rev. Earl Henrichon

November 26, 2017 "The Already, Not Yet" Rev. Earl Henrichon

December 3, 2017  "The Blessed Hope" Rev. Earl Henrichon

December 10, 2017 "The Dayspring From On High"  Rev. Earl Henrichon

December 17, 2017 "The Wonder of Christmas" Rev. Earl Henrichon

December 31, 2017 "Meditation on Lectionary Reading Luke 2:22-40" Rev. Earl Henrichon

January 7, 2018 "The Visit of the Wise Men" Rev. Earl Henrichon